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You know you do it, too.  Life gets crazy, you’re running from one appointment, visit, project, or event to the next, and you think: “No way do I have time to sit down and write a life-changing blog post.”

1.  So don’t wait weeks in-between posts. Write short ones.

You are by nature creative.  Your life leaks creativity. Everything you do & how you spend your time reveals your creativity.  So how do you share that on your blog and/or write a post that will improve the life of someone else?  Here are a few tips for blogging on the run:

2.  Take sketch notes. You know how you’re supposed to have that sketchbook with you 24/7?  Write notes alongside your sketches.  Explain how you captured the shadows with a few strokes of charcoal on that portrait or why the final painting didn’t work out the way you hoped.  Your audience wants to see your process and how you came to the finished piece.

3.  Take life notes. Use all the cool features on whatever phone you have – type a note about the crazy thing that happened on your way to a show or record your voice and transcribe it later.  Use these quick clips put together your post.

4.  Where did you go this week & how did it influence your work? Why is your coffee shop better for creativity than any other in town and what was the last great idea you had there?

5.  Let your friends interview you. Hanging out for the evening?  What questions do they have for you?

And this is just the begin of how you can utilize your creative life to give your social media audience a taste of it.  Write about the event you just attended from an artist perspective.  Talk about how your daily routine makes you creative.  Don’t stress about your next blog post.  Your already creative.  No problem – just be you.



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