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© 2011 Suzanne Augello - Organic TreesI thought I’d give you a look into what I’m working on right now.

I’m creating these 8×10 oil, graphite, and charcoal pieces.  I started inspired by organic shape; the first piece, on the back right, began as a flowing line, my focus on composition and interesting negative space.  The tree/cloud/mountain shapes later emerged.  I’ve continued this series with the yellow sky, blue/green color pallet, & I’m now working on a red background triptych with blue & yellow forms.

These pieces are reminiscent of this Box City piece I painted in April.  Since the negative space of a piece can be even more important than the positive shape, I draw the forms based on the background.  Then I develop the foreground shape.

Forms not completely described let the imagination fill in the pieces.  You can climb around the shape with your mind and engage with the organic form.


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