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I just road-tripped through 10 states in the US.

So I can testify it is true, travel does change your perspective.  Especially as you go by car, listening to your roadtrip playlist, raiding the snacks, and trying not to get deep vein thrombosis.  Though flights definitely get you across the country faster, there is something to that romanticized road-trip.  So what kinds of things can provoke new pieces of artwork?

Random diners. Yes, we stopped at one.  In Wyoming.  Nothing like a 50s diner to make you want to collage with vintage records.  But really, what from a past decade could inspire a new portrait of a singer or a sculpture based on a jukebox?  Go to these out-of-the-way places where time has stopped to be inspired.

Shape of the land. As you travel across the Western Unites States, or in any country, watch the land change.  The topography inspires the music and artistic culture of any group of people.  How will the forms of the hills and the bigness of the sky affect your piece?

The feeling of a particular place. For example, when we stopped to eat lunch on the back of our car in Nevada, the atmosphere felt different that that of Kansas.  Capture that atmosphere in your work – try conveying it in an abstract piece.  What colors and textures and lines remind you of that new location?

Next time you drive, whether it is only to the coffee shop nearby or to another country, look around at the shapes that make up that culture.


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