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Boost Creativity, Part II 05.23.2011

As I look towards the summer, having finished certain pieces and ready to begin new ones, the question arises:  What should I work on/how should I start a new series of pieces?  Sometimes just BEGINNING is the hardest part.

Continuing this theme of “Boosting Creativity” from my last post, How Decluttering Can Boost Your Creativity, I will list more ideas to clear the way for inspiration and begin new projects.

So, idea Number 2 – Do Something Creative You Don’t Normally Do.

Instead of procrastinating going into the studio and wasting time anyway, start off with a different creative activity.  This is kind of like pre-drawing or doing research for your thumbnail sketches –  doing a task that is creative but different from that oil painting you’re starting will help your mind think of a different route to completion.

For example, today a friend sent me a link to  Now I’m not usually a craft person, but I spent a good amount of time on this site.  After creating a jersey necklace for an hour out of an old t-shirt, this small project cleared my mind and brought me to a calmer creative state.

Do something you don’t normally do. these  Make string chandeliers for your studio.  Maybe that will inspire your next collage or sculpture.  Or use a different material –  vintage fabric – and use it to cover stretcher bars for your next painting.  Get outside and let organic texture and form guide your illustration.

Whatever, you do, engage your creative spirit and widen your perspective.  You’ll be ready to go back into the studio with fresh eyes.



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