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Want to re-connect with your source of creativity?

All too often we get into the routine of painting with a comfortable medium or subject matter.  But look at the creativity of children, they draw superheroes with abandon and houses as tall as the sky.  Reconnect with that inner guidance and enthusiasim with this exercise:

Paint with your eyes closed.

Yep, just do it.  Limit yourself to a medium easy to clean, like watercolor, and to three hues.  Fill a container with water.  Put on some music, and start painting! preferably with your hands.  Wear a blindfold if you have the temptation to look – no peeking! Don’t try to analyze while you’re painting,


Close your eyes.  Let your Creativity tell you where to place the colors, when to add more water to the paper.

When you’re done, take off your blindfold.  Sit back and look at your paper.  What do you feel this work tells you about you? About yourself as an artist?  (Obviously this is not your gallery work – it’s a process to reconnect with your Creativity, to relax, to enjoy just creating.)  If you don’t understand it right away, don’t throw it away! Let it sit for awhile and come back to it in a few days with more insight.

How did it turn out?


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