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I used to be dubious about the use of Twitter.  But after joining the Twitter world, I changed my mind.

While a few people I know still think Twitter is only for shout-outs on walking your cat or chatting about weather, entrepreneurs (and especially art-trepreneurs!) find Twitter a key component in building community.

Where else can you ask a question and get a response instantly?

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your (& your followers’) time:

Have a cool profile picture. Preferably your face, though your artwork can suffice as well.  People want to know you, not your dog or paintbrush collection. This is part of your brand so use this same image across all your social media outlets.  It will unify your identity.

Follow back people you want to know. Instead of “following” every person who’s description contains any keyword of your life, first look at their tweets.  As an artist, I look for some postings of their work, but, mainly, I want quality advice.  Who doesn’t?  Ask:  is this individual helping other professionals in their field?  Are they offering personal tips?  Do they post links to resources & cool designers or illustrators?

Tweet what you’d want to read. Give advice, promote other artists, offer painting demos – then, once in a while, celebrate a personal victory.  Your followers will celebrate with you.

With that said, in both your tweets and follows,

Go for quality over quantity. It’s better to have a small community of interaction, then a mass following of people who don’t care.



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