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The work that you do in exploration is what makes your art.

Sure, projects and commissions build your portfolio, but your true style and inspiration comes out in your sketches and in all the preparation BEFORE you start that piece you’re getting paid for.  Your experimentation and hours in the studio painting to explore is the depth of your work.

Joy © Suzanne Augello 2011

I look at my work from a few months ago and at the 8x10s from this post, I definitely see this process.  In the Fall, I started using joint compound on masonite, then painted oil wash layers , letting the gessoed joint compound provide the texture instead of the paint.  This piece, which you can also view here, is an example of this technique.

Rainy Street I © Suzanne Augello 2011

Then, around March, I did this piece.  I used the joint compound base but then applied charcoal, graphite, oil pastel.  This piece I worked from all sides, focusing on the unity of the forms and the vague shapes reflected in puddles and the movement of water.  This process of graphite/charcoal and oil I developed and then composed these next two pieces in April…

Box City © Suzanne Augello 2011

Box City came out of observing cardboard box shapes and from my study of illustration.  I first drew this composition in graphite and charcoal, focusing on the negative space of the yellow background, sealed the drawing, then painted oil layers.

Pottery Installation © Suzanne Augello 2011

This was inspired by untraditional pottery forms and the fluidity that these shapes express.  Three-dimensional, they interact with surrounding forms and can blend into an environment or rise up out of it.

 This media experimentation led to my current 8x10s.  I worked through 20 pieces and watched concepts develop throughout them.  Here are a few…

8x10 II © Suzanne Augello 2011

8x10 III © Suzanne Augello 2011 

8x10 IV © Suzanne Augello 2011

8x10 VII © Suzanne Augello 2011

8x10 XI © Suzanne Augello 2011

8x10 XIX © Suzanne Augello 2011

Let me know about the development of your work!

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