How Decluttering Can Boost Your Creativity

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© 2011 Suzanne Augello

When I look around and see STUFF, it’s hard to create.

Not only in your art space but in ANY space in your life.  On those particularly busy days, when you drop items haphazardly onto the nearest chair or floor space – don’t do it.  The thought “I’ll deal with that tomorrow…” slips through your mind as you drift off… and then you wake up to a chaos you hope will disappear on its own.  The state of the room makes you either want to go back to bed or avoid it as long as possible.

I find on those days, I’m less creative.  My mind is racing as I look from each thing to the next, deciphering where each object goes.  I want to avoid my cluttered floor space, and I end up wasting time, being less productive, AND resting less.

I’ve recently been inspired by the Zenhabits blog, specifically the topics of creating in a de-cluttered and minimalist space.  As I try to pare down my possessions, I find encouragement in other individual’s tips on freeing up their space and lives.  A common theme: take the process one step at a time.  Instead of trying to clean the whole HOUSE, ROOM, etc., take a drawer, a closet, a shelf at a time.  Each small victory will spur you on to your next step.

Although too much minimalism in the area of the art studio might be impossible – that’s ok.  I find limiting other items in my life gives me more peace during creating.  In the studio, I at least organize my chaos to allow flow and rhythm.

So, simplify your life.  Declutter.  Rest.



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