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I started the first layer of joint compound on masonite board today, in preparation for a new painting. For awhile now I have been experimenting with the texture and effect of joint compound on an otherwise smooth surface.  It can add depth that would take many layers of thick oil paint to accomplish.

I sand the masonite and spread the first layer of joint compound. It takes about a day to dry, and then I carefully seal it with a layer, sometimes two, of gesso. Since joint compound is water-soluble, it dissolves if it isn’t sealed. Then you can begin your oil or acrylic painting. I use this Rapid Coat Joint Compound, usually at Lowes in the lumber area.  It’s a good size if you don’t want to buy the huge bucket or get ripped-off by the smaller container (that also usually costs more).

I’ve been working on my e-commerce page to sell my original paintings directly from my site. It has taken much longer than anticipated – which doesn’t surprise me – and I’m glad I can decipher the HTML and CSS files. Instead of using BlueHost shopping cart plug-ins, I used a plug-in that works directly with WordPress.  I’m using eShop right now, and I would love to give you review on it, but I have no idea how it compares to other plugins.  I found this site to be helpful in the process of choosing an e-commerce option:  Top 5 Excellent E-Commerce Plugins for WordPress. Definitely go through the CSS on whatever you choose and change the colors, remove boarders, etc. to make it more your own. Right now the goal is for me to get this up and running, though I will probably alter the appearance further in the future.


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