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When inspiration, the deep-seated urge in your spirit, that, if ignored, nudges you like an itch or a delightful fall day, strikes you to create, then create.  Though everyone carries artistry within them, for those of us who consistently tune into this voice, that power flows from our hands into everything we touch.  We view life through a lens unlike so many others.  And, somewhere in our souls, we love that fact.  Yet when the force that compels creation speaks within your spirit, receive it.  Leave behind whatever lesser thing you were doing before and create under the anointing…

Two paintings have emerged out of this inspiration in the past two weeks.  Though I create out of my propensity as an artist consistently, the inspiration had not compelled me in a few months.  It spoke very clearly a few weeks ago, as I studied the modern Fauvist painters.  I biked home and retrieved a large stretched canvas, one left unwanted after a figure study session a previous summer.  I gessoed over it then and waited for the time to use it.

© Suzanne Augello 2011


I painted for two hours, the classical music from my housemate’s playlist drifting up from the floor below, and let forms emerge and colors define themselves.  Adding shadow and highlight where it should fall.  I came back two days later and completed the piece.

A week later, a close friend came to visit, and, as she looked at my work, I received understanding into the depth and meaning of the piece.  I realized that I had created the art for her and gave her the piece.

Some art is anointed in such a way it cannot simply be sold.

I recognized the anointing to create again this past Friday, and, a second time, I focused only on the piece for a few hours.  Again, a friend arrived that afternoon…

Recognize the patterns in the inspiration.  Create all the time but especially under the anointing.  Harness it when it comes to act in who you were created to be.


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