Pinterest And Mood Boards … Or How I Discovered Latislav Sutnar

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I removed Pinterest from my Bookmarks bar … some measure had to be taken to keep it from being my automatic response when opening a browser window.  What’s even more delightful about this mildly addicting site is it fuels my creativity.  DIY constructions, known and unknown paintings, slick product design, and general craftiness infuse me with a desire to run from the screen to hot glue two objects together and spray-paint my new creation.

However, with something to be said for those of us who see creativity everywhere, this site legitimately sparks ideas and shares inspiration.  It also posseses another practical application…

The beginning of any project – whether a design or illustration – usually begins with a general hunch or feeling. The vision for the piece catches, yet the explanation of the feeling of your idea falls short with only words.  Both you and your client need to visual what you’re aiming for.

Mood boards are the perfect solution.  Compiling papers, images, twigs, toys, and paint samples conveys that atmosphere you’re going for.

This is where Pinterest comes in.  This is a great way to compile your thoughts and found examples in one place.



I recently created a product design piece based on the style of the 1940s and 50s designer, Latislav Sutnar:  pioneer of information design, toy creator, and inventor of those parenthesis around the telephone area code.  Instead of pulling the images I found online onto my computer, I simply pinned them to the project board.  When I needed a quick reference, I could find all the images together, along with their parent sites.  (See the full mood board here.)

Here’s a sneak peak of what I’m working on.

© Suzanne Augello 2011


Try this for your next project, and let me know what you create!




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