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This summer beginning has definitely been a time of learning discipline – of breaking off the spring-fever laziness, of resisting the temptation to sleep in just a little longer, and of scheduling unscheduled time. I have definitely failed along the way by hitting the snooze on my phone or staying online way longer than I should have, but I’m pretty satisfied with what I’ve accomplished in these past few weeks, so from these successes, I thought I’d share:

8 Ways to Optimize Your Day

These have totally helped me so I’m sharing them with you:

1. Know when your productive times are. Do you create best after lunch? Are you a late night person? Knowing when it’s the easiest to get in the zone with your art or writing will help you optimize that time. (On the 99%, Mark McGuinness talks about even How Mundane Routines Produce Creative Magic.) Make sure you schedule out these times (don’t let them slip past!) and make the most of them.

With that said, I like to…

2. Get up early. Now maybe you like to paint late, that’s cool too, however, I find when I go to bed at 11:30 or 12 (that’s early for me) and get 8 hours of sleep, I feel awesome, ready to start the day, and that I haven’t wasted time by sleeping late. Then, I:

3. Take a Walk or do Yoga. Relax your mind and energize your body. Don’t jump out of bed with a list of things to do and negative thoughts about yourself. You’ll feel better and like you already completed something (which you did!). If any task-oriented thoughts begin to creep into your head, picture putting them in a box next to you and tell yourself you can open it later, or write them down. Which leads to my next point…

4. Write down your day. I have a small white-board next to my bed where I write down what I have to do that day and I schedule out blocks of time.  Especially if you have a Maker’s Schedule (vs a Manager Schedule), you need several hours to really make progress and develop ideas.  Block out that time so it doesn’t get swallowed up by other things.  If you have a busy schedule where every hour is full, plan ahead what you’re going to do in that creative time to make the most progress.  During your scheduling, you can…

5.  Eat breakfast. Basic healthy tip.  Eat something that is filling and gives you energy for the day.  And drink water – don’t forget to hydrate as you are painting away.

6.  Don’t engage in social media right away.  While you should totally be involved in social media, don’t turn on the computer as soon as you wake up.  Likely as not, you haven’t planned your day or focused on anything else & you’ll get caught up on Facebook or Twitter for hours.  Make sure you know what your goal is when you get online.

7.  Go outside later. Whether you are working from home or another office location, go outside again later in the day.  Take your lunch break outside or go create in the fresh air for a change.  Getting away from a screen or even what your working on will help you come back ready to keep going.

8.  Laugh. Enjoy what you do.  Make it fun, don’t overwork your painting, write a crazy poem.  If you enjoy your day and realize your problem isn’t the end of the world, you can do anything!

Hope you enjoyed just a few of the things I do to make the most out of my day?

What are things you doing in the morning or before you create?  Post below!


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