You Are What You Say About Yourself

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© Suzanne Augello 2011

Have you ever failed a test because you kept telling yourself you were going to fail?  Or, more positively, psyched yourself up to do something by declaring your courage and then conquered it?  It seems like in both of these instances, you spoke the outcome and your words determined each result.

That’s because they did.  Your thoughts and words determine your actions.

This directly plays into your work as an artist. Think about what you think about. If you’re constantly questioning your creativity, impatient over your exploration “mistakes,” or doubting your identity, your work will reflect your lack of confidence.

So own yourself as an artist.  Declare your success, speak out your identity. When you no longer question your creativity but embrace it as your empowerment, your life becomes one creative endeavor.

So what are you thinking about yourself?


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