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It’s been a little crazytown.

This past month, I moved to a new state, rented a place, bought a car, started a new job, new projects, and new routines…or lack of them.  I’ve lived in a house without utilities for a week, wrangled furniture in and out of my sedan, sprayed and conquered colossal spiders building webs across my outside doorways (how does this happen so fast overnight?), moved my upright washer/dryer to reach the breaker box, found a cool table at a thrift store, and finally cut my lawn (I was becoming “that neighbor.”) to name a few of my recent experiences.  I can’t wait to post pictures of projects, updates, and my journey of designing my space.


But I’ll leave you with an image of this find at a thrift store two weeks ago:

ram thrift © Suzanne Augello 2012


This guys is just mod and great.  I picked him up, set him down, then grabbed him & didn’t let go the rest of the time.  What about you?   Have you been on the ceramic animal train too?  Any big life changes or new experiences?  Post below!



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