On Organizing And Considering Minimalism

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It’s been quite a month, with finishing my degrees in Graphic Design and Illustration, a wedding of two good friends, and once again moving all my possessions.  As I see both my everyday items and my art studio paraphernalia piled in the hallway, ready to be organized, I fight the urge to retreat.

I’ve been reading Joshua Becker’s Becoming Minimalist blog and Zen Habits periodically for the past year, and, last Fall, I read “The 100 Thing Challenge” by Dave Bruno.  I find this way of life attractive because 1) I’m a designer & love the clean; 2) I move and travel frequently.  Organization and minimal possessions streamline this process; and 3) Unpacking and finding places for each thing takes way too much of my time.  Instead of creating a new art piece, I am visually overwhelmed by clutter.

Knowing that another move is imminent in a few months, I see now as the perfect time to cut out unnecessary possessions from my life.

Also another question I seek to answer is:  How can you be more minimalist in your art studio?  I’ve always said to my friends that I would have so many fewer possessions as a non-creative.  But this is who I am.  So, as an artist, if you see value in certain items, can you then separate that from the every-day?

So this is my first step before the soon many others:  reduce, reorganize, and live with less.  Let’s go do some cleaning…


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